3-Tier Glass Dome Storage Jar

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Provide an authentic natural charm to your serving obsession with this segmented glass container with lid in which you can store your delicious sweets and chocolates. This casual yet majestic container lends an extraordinary look to your dining. It provides a beautiful statement on its own.

Features: Features 3 tier glass jar with lid. The handblown glass that makes each piece unique. Ideal for storing dried goods, or as a sweet jar. Can also be used in the creation of centerpieces.

Suggested uses include;
- Storing sweets on counter and desktops
- Storing marsh mellows and hot chocolate powders
- Storing bath salts and similar accessories
- Storing make up accessories on dressing tables. 

  • Dimensions:
  • One: Height: 11.9cm, Capacity: 260ml/cc
  • 3 Pack: Height When Stacked: 22cm